Spring Cleaning Challenge: WEEK 1

Welcome to Week 1 of the Spring Cleaning Challenge!

Are you excited to start cleaning this week?! I know I am, but even people who hate cleaning still need to do it! (Truth is hard.)

Reward Yourself

If you dread the cleaning, make it easy on yourself. Set yourself up for success and plan a reward for every day after you finish your cleaning!

Reward Ideas

  • On long days, order take-out! Put your feet up while someone else cooks the dinner.
  • When the family pitches in, surprise (or bribe) them with a frozen yogurt trip.
  • Give yourself permission to ignore a few things on your to do list for a true break: take a bath, read a book, or watch tv while you play on your phone. 
  • Get your nails done – always a favorite treat for me. 
  • Take a nap! 
  • Pay a cleaning service for help. There’s nothing that says you have to do everything yourself. Use it as a reward! Tell yourself, “if I clean ABC, I can hire someone to do the stuff I really hate.”

Really, the best thing you can do for yourself is just to GET STARTED.

Declutter While You Clean

I did one more drop to the local charity shop yesterday. Even if you did the declutter challenge, I think you’ll find more to get rid of while you’re deep cleaning: that’s normal. As you go through all the spaces in your home, you’ll probably realize some things just aren’t worth cleaning or cleaning around! Don’t save up all your decluttering for next year, keep getting rid of things as you see them. (I use a donation station, which is now on top of my freezer in my laundry room at our new house. Still the same concept: when it gets full, I do a dropoff.)

When I was pregnant with my fourth child and then had a young baby, I hired a cleaning lady that would come every few weeks. I don’t regret it – it was a good choice for me! But, when I started to be the one to clean up again, I noticed STUFF had accumulated so much faster while I wasn’t the one looking at it while I clean. Stuff looks so different when you’re just walking by than it does while you’re cleaning!!! 

Week 1 Challenge:

You can use this calendar to keep track of your daily assignment. 

-or, even better-

Use the Spring Cleaning Pack!


  • Spring Cleaning Calendar (Customizable!) 
  • Spring Cleaning Checklists (Customizable!) 
  • Cleaning How To & Tips
  • Product Suggestions 
  • Cleaning & Laundry Schedule Printable (Customizable with Sample Schedule and Home Management Printable)
  • Kids Chore List Printable (Customizable with Sample List)
  • In addition to the Pack PDF which includes everything together, specific Printables that you’ll want to print again and again, like Kids Chore lists, are conveniently given in individual files as well. Save off a duplicate file (copy and change the file name) with unique chores for each of your kids and easily print whenever you want.

I really worked hard to put so much value into this pack, I really think it will help you. Plus, every purchase helps support me and this blog! Thank you so much to everyone who has already purchased.

Let’s Get To It!

Give yourself some rest today (Sunday) and make your plan for the week. A good plan will make a better week!


Happy Spring!

Don’t forget to get your Spring Cleaning Printable Pack and get ready for a very clean house! See how I made a booklet out of the checklist in the pack and how my kids help me!

8 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Challenge: WEEK 1

  1. Mary…why am I finding it so hard to let my old Avon bottles from my childhood go? I’ve tried several times to get them out of the house, but they are still here. Actually they are stored in an outbuilding.

  2. Love this: “And the biggest thing: no one leaves the kitchen after dinner until it is clean. No one. And when we work together, it goes quickly … and more importantly, I’m not stuck spending my personal time cleaning the kitchen after the kids go to bed!”
    -My mom did everything, never giving my sister or I any jobs other than doing well in school. I wish she had tortured us. Yet somehow, my sister came out naturally able to keep a clean, well organized house and I’m a slob. I don’t know how we were raised in the same house and came out so differently. Crossing my fingers that I can stick with your plan. gotta go attack the kitchen now, but the kids are outside playing. At least they already did the dishwasher!

    1. You are a great mom! I had to get over doing things differently than my mom, because I look up to her so much, but it’s all about finding the right balance for you!

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