Spring Cleaning Challenge: WEEK 2

We’re already on Week 2 of the Spring Cleaning Challenge! We’re still focusing on Deep Cleaning this week. When we focus on Habits and Routines next week, you’ll be so glad to start with a clean house. 

Get the Kids Involved!

You are not in this alone. Kids should not only help maintain the house with regular chores, but they should help with the Spring Cleaning too! Working together as a family IS quality family time. 

Of  course, after a lot of training, you don’t always have to clean with the kids. They can learn responsibility by having some chores they do by themselves – and that is good! I explained in How I Torture My Kids to Keep My House Clean {e.g. Kids Chores} lots of the things I have my kids do to help, including help with Spring Cleaning!

I took the checklists from the Spring Cleaning Printable Pack, printed and laminated them, then attached them to a cleaning bucket. My kids use these checklists with a dry-erase marker to know what to clean when they deep clean a room every week. It is bliss! 

Week 2 Assignments

Use this calendar to find your assignments for the week. You can download a copy for FREE, but if you want to edit and move around days for assignments – you’ll need the Spring Cleaning Printable Pack.

Even though we are already into the challenge, it is still worthwhile to get the Printable Pack! I use these printables year-round.

Spring Cleaning PACK Includes:

  • Spring Cleaning Calendar (Customizable!) 
  • Spring Cleaning Checklists (Customizable!) 
  • Cleaning How To & Tips
  • Cleaning & Laundry Schedule Printable (Customizable with Sample Schedule and Home Management Printable)
  • Kids Chore List Printable (Customizable with Sample List)
  • … and more …

More Help for This Week

These blog posts will help you get through the assignments of the week –

Let’s Get To It!

I hope you enjoy a beautiful Easter with your family today. Make the most of the holiday, because it is a big week of cleaning!


Happy Spring!

Don’t forget to get your Spring Cleaning Printable Pack and get ready for a very clean house! See how I made a booklet out of the checklist in the pack and how my kids help me!


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