Spring Cleaning Challenge: Week 3 (Habits & Routines)

Keeping a clean home does not have to be a terrible experience! With the right Routines and Habits, you can keep your home clean on auto-pilot. It takes work getting the habits to stick, but it is sooo worth it! Make these changes one task, one day at a time.

Week 2 Assignments

Use this calendar to find your assignments for the week. You can download a copy for FREE, but if you want to edit and move around days for assignments – you’ll need the Spring Cleaning Printable Pack.

Help for This Week

These blog posts will not only help you get through the assignments of the week, but setup routines and habits that will keep your home cleaner all year.

Monday: Start Laundry Routine

Tuesday: Start Cleaning Routine

Wednesday: Start Kids Chores

Thursday – Saturday: Bonus/ Catch-up 

This is a great time to go back and finish places you missed before, or to do some extra things. The checklist in the Spring Cleaning Pack has ideas of bonus Spring Cleaning Chores. These things aren’t a necessary part of Spring Cleaning, but they certainly will help freshen up your home.

Some of these include home and outdoor chores:

Spring Cleaning Pack

Even though we are already into the challenge, it is still worthwhile to get the Printable Pack! I use these printables year-round as we deep clean rooms and for my children’s weekly chores.

Spring Cleaning PACK Includes:

  • Spring Cleaning Calendar (Customizable!) 
  • Spring Cleaning Checklists (Customizable!) 
  • Cleaning How To & Tips
  • Cleaning & Laundry Schedule Printable (Customizable with Sample Schedule and Home Management Printable)
  • Kids Chore List Printable (Customizable with Sample List)
  • … and more …

Let’s Get To It!

This week is a game changer. Focus on getting these habits going and you’ll be paid back a million times all year! Keeping a clean home does not have to be terrible!


Happy Spring!

Don’t forget to get your Spring Cleaning Printable Pack and get ready for a very clean house! See how I made a booklet out of the checklist in the pack and how my kids help me!

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