Spring Cleaning MUST HAVES


Are you Spring Cleaning? Make sure you have everything you need to make cleaning as easy as possible. Here is the list of all the cleaning must-haves! 

Basic Cleaning Sprays

Basic H2 –

This is a concentrate I’ve used for more than 6 years, before I ever started blogging. I started using it because I wanted an inexpensive cleaner that my children could be around and use. It is still a great option and my usual go-to. I keep the concentrate handy and re-fill the 3 spray bottles. There is no scent. It comes in the Get Clean Kit for the best price, which also includes the Nature Bright I use in my Carpet Cleaning Solution.

  • All-Purpose Spray = 1/4 teaspoon Basic H2 Concentrate + 16 oz. water
  • Glass Spray  = 1-2 drops Basic H2 Concentrate + 16 oz. water
  • Degreaser Spray = 1 1/2 teaspoons Basic H2 Concentrate + 16 oz. water
  • Carpet Cleaning Solution = 1 gallon Water + 1 Tablespoon Basic H2 + 1 scoop Nature Bright
  • Mop Solution = 1 gallon Water + 1 Tablespoon Basic H2   

—–> Order Basic H2 (Get Clean Kit) from  Shaklee. 

Mrs. Meyers –

This is a cleaner I’ve just started to use recently and I’ve been happy so far. Sometimes I’m just in the mood for a cleaner that is already mixed and smells good.

—–> Order Mrs. Meyers Products from Grove Collaborative.

Basic G –

Basic G is what I use instead of bleach-type products, because it kills germs and bacteria. This is a concentrate that I use when I’m specifically targeting gross stuff like toilets, the counters after cutting meat, or my toddler’s accident. Most of the time I use the Basic H2 All-Purpose Spray ^above, but sometimes I want something lethal to the bad stuff.

—–> Order Basic G from  Shaklee. 


Scour Off –

This is a fruity-smelling pink paste that is for really tough jobs. It can get the grime off of showers, sinks and grout with ease.

—–> Order Scour Off from  Shaklee. 

Bon Ami –

With Scour Off on backorder for now, this is a suitable backup when I need something a little abrasive. It is a white powder.

—–> Order from Grove Collaborative (search “Bon Ami”).

Dish Washer Automatic Powder –

This is my favorite dishwasher soap and I use it to clean Jacuzzi Jets too. It comes in the Get Clean Kit with the Basic H2 (and other things).

—–> Order Dish Washer Automatic Powder from  Shaklee.


Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner –

I have so much hardwood in my new home. Bona has been a lifesaver!

—–> Order BONA Hardwood Floor Cleaner from Amazon. 

Bona Hardwood Floor Polish –

I’ve only used this polish a few times and the floor looks amazing still.

—–> Order BONA Hardwood Floor Polish from Amazon. 

Howard Butcher Block Oil –

This is a great choice for butcher block counters and cutting boards. Wood is alive – it needs to be fed!

—–> Order Howard Butcher Block Oil from Amazon. 

Howard Restor-A-Finish –

This helps repair scratches and blemishes in your real wood furniture and cabinets. I agree with their slogan – why scrape or redo, when you can just restore. You can select the wood finish to match.

—–> Order Howard Restor-A-Finish from Amazon. 

Howard Feed-N-Wax Polish –

This is not for regular cleaning or dusting. This is the polish you use once in a while, like during Spring Cleaning. Using this one your wood cabinets or real wood furniture will restore a shine and luster.

—–> Order Howard Feed-N-Wax from Amazon.


Electronic Wipes –

Don’t forget cleaners for your computer, tv, and other media! Here are two that I’ve used successfully. I’m not super brand-specific on these.

—–> Order Electronic Wipes from Amazon.

Vinegar or Lemon/Lime Juice –

I use either of these that I have most handy when I clean my microwave. (See How To for more info.)

—–> Order Vinegar from Amazon.
—–> Order Lemon Juice from Amazon.
—–> Order Lime Juice from Amazon.

Brush and Scrubbing Tools

Grout Brush –

This is very helpful with tile. I really like the stiffness of this specific one.

—–> Order Grout Brush from Amazon.

Small Scrub Brush Set –

This brush set has been priceless with the rings around the drains in my sink and bath tub now that we have hard water.

—–> Order Small Scrub Brush Set from Amazon.

Electronic & Keyboard Cleaning Brush –

This has a tip to clean grooves and a brush to get between keyboard keys. Spring Cleaning should include all the electronics.

—–> Order Electronic & Keyboard Cleaning Brush from Amazon.

Steel Wool – 

Not only does this help me clean my stainless steel pots & pans, but I use this for impossible spots in the toilet when we moved in (though I have to wash the gray marks off with a scrubbing cleaner it leaves behind). It was so worth it to easily tear through the awfulness. {ps – I don’t use the same ones for the toilet as the pots & pans. Ha!}

—–> Order Steel Wool from Amazon.

Cleaning and Dusting Cloth Tools

Magic Eraser Mop –

This mop is my favorite for quick mop ups in the garage, porch, or sometimes even the bathroom if I don’t want to whip out my steam mop.

—–> Order Magic Eraser Mop from Amazon.

Microfiber Cloths –

If you don’t already have microfiber cloths, grab some. I use them for cleaning anything that needs a rag.

—–> Order Microfiber Cloths from Amazon.

Swiffer Extended-Stick Duster –

I love this duster because the refillable ends really do attract dust of every kind, but also because of the extendable long reach of it and adjustable angled end.

—–> Order Duster from Amazon.
—–> Order refills from Amazon.

Window Squeegee Tool –

If you are going to be cleaning all of your own windows, this is a must. I love it for my tall windows because the stick is so long, I don’t have to climb on a ladder most of the time.

—–> Order Window Squeegee Tool from Amazon.

Electronic Tools

Carpet Cleaner –

I’ve had this carpet cleaner for more than 6 years and it is still going strong. Most of my friends have borrowed this at one time or another, but it keeps on going and does a good job cleaning.

—–> Order Carpet Cleaner from Amazon.

Steam Mop –

Steam mops are my favorite kitchen mop ever since I had a dream about them about 10 years ago (seriously, I dreamed about steam mops and went shopping the next day – ha!!). It just does a really good job without leaving the floor sticky or full of cleaning residue.

—–> Order Steam Mop from Amazon.

Vacuum (and Hand Vacuum) –

A CORDLESS vacuum that is so POWERFUL, and it converts quickly from carpet to hardwood, and even to a hand vacuum for the car or other spaces. I LOVE THIS VACUUM!!!!

—–> Order Vacuum from Amazon.

Miscellaneous Tools

Air Spray –

I use cans of air to clean keyboards, piano keys, electronic equipment like dvd players, and more. 

—–> Order Air Spray from Amazon.

Angry Mama Microwave Steam Cleaner –

I used to use a small pyrex measuring cup full of water and lemon juice, but it got so hot while it boiled that I never would let my kids clean the microwave for me. This tool, though? Easy enough for my 9 and 11 year olds to clean the microwave without help. That is worth it to me.

—–> Order Angry Mama from Amazon.

Touch-Up Paint –

While you’re cleaning, go ahead and touch-up paint. Why wait until you need to paint a whole wall? Just do little touch-ups while you go. These tools make it easy.

—–> Order Foam Brushes from Amazon.
—–> Order Touch-Up Paint from Amazon.

I hope this list helps you find some new products to help you clean better and easier! Comment if you have any questions – I’m happy to help. :)


Happy Cleaning!

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