Organize Your Garage: ONE WEEK All About The Garage!

Organize Your Garage - GARAGE WEEK! -v

It’s May!! May is one of my favorite months – spring has truly settled in and the weather is divine here in Arkansas. Plus, the kids get out school, and life become a little more free. We plant the vegetable garden and my flowers are blooming beautifully, strawberries are ripening daily in our patch and the kids PICK-RINSE-EAT-REPEAT strawberries all afternoon. We eat outside almost every night on our back porch. And … there is a three day weekend at the end of the month even! Yes, May is pretty awesome.

And in all of the awesomeness of May, the Garage sees a lot of traffic. Like, a lot of traffic. An organized garage makes all of that traffic flow smoothly, you find things easier and things get put away easier. Before you buy another pair of garden gloves, let’s clean out the garage and find the pair you already own!

Next week on the blog, I’m going to talk all about Organizing Your Garage. You can follow along live on the blog from May 23- May 28.

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Organize Your Garage - GARAGE WEEK! -v


And, next week I will even reveal my newly re-organized garage. Yep, a REVEAL is coming!! Who doesn’t love a reveal?!

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Garage Week Posts

Let’s Organize The Garage {Tips & Strategies} – An overview of the best strategies for approaching organizing your garage, with useful tips to make it go better.

Let's ORGANIZE THE GARAGE - Tips and Strategies -s

Pegboard Hack & Organizing Garage Shelves – Ideas for organizing shelves and pegboards. Shelves are flexible to organizing lots of things, and pegboards are specifically excellent at organizing tools.

Pegboard Hack and Organizing Garage Shelves -s

Garage Organizing: How To Hang Bikes, Scooters, Ripsticks, Balls & More – Use the vertical space in your garage and get all the pesky sports equipment off the floor and on the wall!

Garage Organizing - How to hang bikes scooters ripsticks balls and more -s

How To Organize A Stand-Up Freezer – Many people keep freezers in their garage. Let’s get those organized too!

HOW TO Organize A Stand-Up Freezer -s

My Re-Organized Garage REVEAL – I finally made the changed to make my garage a happy place for me! See all the nooks and crannies!

My Re-Organized Garage Reveal -s

How To KEEP Your Garage Organized – You’ve worked hard to organize your Garage! Now it’s time to learn how to keep it that way!

How To Keep Your Garage Organized -s


Other Garage Resources

If you can’t wait to start organizing your garage until next week, here are some resources I’ve written before (still great advice!):

Garage Organization for Real Families

Garage Organization For Real Families

Diagnose Your Garage & Cure The Clutter

20120501 (81)_title

Garage Makeover in One Day!

AR Garage Makeover

How To Setup A Donation Station

How To Setup A Donation Station

Be sure to follow along next week – should be fun!

Are you excited for Garage Week like I am? Are you going to be joining in and cleaning out your garage? Comment and let me know!

Happy May!


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Organize Your Garage - GARAGE WEEK! -s

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