Organizing Spices (This Is What I Do)

There’s a million and one ways to organize spices well, but I’ll show you what works best for me. I organize my spices in my drawer. The drawer is right next to the stove top and right across from the island, which are the two places where I use spices the most. I am always close […]

Aunt Julie’s Homemade Caramel

My seasonal love affair with homemade caramel started not-so-innocently. The Christmas my twins were infants (read: I was seriously sleep deprived), Matt’s Aunt Julie sent us an awesome Christmas package in the mail. The package came during the day while Matt was at work and I was home with the babies (read: struggling to figure […]

The Pantry {Home Tour}

My pantry is a closet right next the kitchen. You already know how I feel about taking pictures in closets, but I still wanted to show you my pantry. I could have removed all the little extras to make the pictures really pretty, but I thought I’d show you a real pantry instead. The kind […]

Hydrating Fruit Popsicles

“Mommy, these are so yummy, will you please make them every day?!” My daughter had a few friends over last week and the night before she made sure we made up a batch to have ready for her friends. My girls absolutely love this treat, yet it is so healthy I will let them eat […]

Ready for Summer

Because of snow days, tomorrow is our last day of school this year. This spring was such a whirlwind that I was feeling really nervous about going into summer feeling totally frazzled. I hate feeling un-prepared for something so big like a major shift in seasons and schedules. I knew that if I started summer without […]

Organize Your Recipes With LOTS Of Work

Yeah, the title is not lying. I decided to organize my recipes in a very time-intensive way and it was a lot of work. Normally I’m all about quick and efficient, simple and easy, BUT sometimes I am not. I guess organizing my recipes is just one of those things I get a little uptight […]

Grocery Shopping & Menu Planning Printables

Planning food for a family is one of our biggest and most time-consuming responsibilities as homemakers. I am all about anything that makes the job as simple and stream-lined as possible! The way I do my grocery list is a big help to me! I use a form I created that combines a grocery list […]

3 Super Bowl Party Tips You NEED To Know

“This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Rubbermaid and Sharpie but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #RubbermaidSharpie” Are you ready to host a Super Bowl party this weekend? Whether your party is big or small, these tips will help you be prepared to […]

Easy 3-Ingredient Pumpkin Muffin Bites

These muffins are a fall staple of mine, because pumpkin is so perfectly fall-esque. These muffin bites are so easy to whip up, even my young girls can do it with minimal supervision. They are delicious and simple, an excellent combination. I first heard about these a few years ago from a friend. I’ve never […]