Elmer’s Freestyle = Awesome

Elmer’s just announced an awesome new product. I got a large box of all the new Elmer’s Freestyle organizing products to sample early this summer. I’ve been using them all over the place. Check out the labels on the bins in the closet closet under the stairs (the white board looking ones … yep, Elmer’s)!! Okay, I’m going […]

13 Projects to Love Home Again

Thirteen weeks ago I was feeling a little blah about my home. I wanted to fall in love with it again and feel excited about it all over again like I did when we first moved in. In my experience, to appreciate what you have: take care of it. So for the last 13 weeks, […]

My New Love/Obsession: Arc Notebooks!!!

Just to be clear, I am not being paid or compensated for this in any way. This is something just too fun not to share!! I have a new love affair and I just want to tell the world. A few organizing friends of mine are always talking about their arc books or their discbound […]

My Favorite Baby Things

My little Cougar turned 1 last month. I wanted to remember what my favorite baby things were before I forget the details of this stage altogether. I do not get any commission on these items, except if you decided to buy Shaklee’s Basic H. These are just my favorites baby things! Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail […]

Organizing With My Organizing Friends

This year, I’ve been grateful to join up with an excellent group of organizing bloggers to support each other and share an awesome Pinterest Board! Here are some of our favorite posts we’ve shared this year. Kristin from Organizing Life with Less shares 8 reasons why bigger is not always better. Susan from Achieving Creative […]

Top Seven Posts of 2012

{I hope your family had a wonderful Christmas yesterday! If things are going according to my plan when I scheduled this post in advance, I will have taken down my Christmas decorations today. I like to ring in my New Year with my house all ready for a new year. This one of the few […]

Protect Your Family From The Sun Safely

I have something to confess. And I’m not proud of it. At the beginning of May, the low-priced sunscreen at the grocery store tempted me. It is that kind you can just spray right on the children at the pool, which sounded so easy to use, I gave in and bought it. Fast forward a few weeks […]