Organize Your Garage: ONE WEEK All About The Garage!

It’s May!! May is one of my favorite months – spring has truly settled in and the weather is divine here in Arkansas. Plus, the kids get out school, and life become a little more free. We plant the vegetable garden and my flowers are blooming beautifully, strawberries are ripening daily in our patch and […]

How To KEEP Your Garage Organized

I have a friend that taught me a new term. She was telling me about her garage-organizing troubles and so I asked if she wanted any advice or help getting her garage in order. (She is a good friend – I don’t throw that offer around lightly!) She said “Oh no, we’re just messy garage […]

My Re-Organized Garage REVEAL

Funny story. I showed Matt my post earlier this week where I said: “This week I am going to be showing you how I recently re-organized my garage and I am happy to say that it is finally how I want it. Just like many of you, I have to compromise with someone else who lives […]

How To Organize A Stand-Up Freezer (in the Garage)

My husband’s old bachelor pad is the reason I ever came to be a “stand-up freezer person”. When I married Matt, he was a bachelor with a full-blown bachelor pad. And because he didn’t cook at all, ever, I mean he only heated things in a microwave … he didn’t think it was worth it to […]

Pegboard Hack & Organizing Garage Shelves

There is no hiding that shelves are my favorite organizing piece of furniture. They are just so dang flexible to whatever you want to put on them! And I’m falling almost equally in love with pegboards for their versatility with small tools. I used my first pegboard at MY house in my studio last year and […]

Let’s Organize The Garage {Tips & Strategies}

I’ve seen lots of garages in my time, and they are all different. They are different sizes, holding the stuff for different sized families in different seasons of life with different hobbies, and basically they are all holding different amounts of junk. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to garages, but there are some simple steps […]