My New Parenting Catch-phrase {And A Tip}

Recently on my personal Facebook page, I posted a picture of this empty pool and then this – Matt and I are testing out a new parent catch-phrase lately: “You’ve been scienced!” Like when the kids didn’t believe putting one end of a hose in the pool and the other by the fruit trees/garden (trying to […]

DIY Tomato Cage Tutorial {Garden Tips}

Tomatoes are a huge part of our garden because we do so much with them. We use them for spaghetti sauce (fresh and frozen), salsa, tacos, salads, and more. We grow a lot of tomatoes and they all get used! As we re-did our garden foundation and raised beds this year, we thought we’d give […]

Get Rid Of Fruit Flies For Good

Fruit flies and produce go together like peanut butter and jelly, except I LIKE peanut butter and jelly and I HATE fruit flies. It’s not a problem, though, because when I start to notice them hanging around my fruit or in my pantry, I know how to get rid of them easily, quickly, and with […]

Building NEW Raised Garden Beds & Creating My Favorite Dirt Combo

I’ve been living in my backyard this summer. Every chance I get, every break I get from anything else – and we are in the backyard again. There is something so cathartic, so therapeutic about watching things grow in the garden. I heard a quote once that said something to the effect, “Want to teach […]

How to Re-Plant Succulents {My Succulent Paradise}

I used to think succulents were ugly – like really ugly. I also used to hate asparagus. Now thinking of roasted asparagus with a hint of garlic butter makes my mouth water. I told my mom about my attitude change toward asparagus and she said “Your taste buds are growing up.” Maybe that is what […]

Planters Refresh and Hydrangea Propagation

My love for hydrangeas is a love story for the ages. There is just something about Hydrangeas that are just so perfectly flowericious. See? A love so strong I start inventing new words! And don’t get me started on their amazing color variety. Oh, hydrangeas, how I love thee! It is no family secret that […]

Organic Garden: Can We Do It?

Crazy us. We are going to try gardening. Again. We’ve been down this road before … and never really gotten anywhere. But try, try again! We will one day have green thumbs, even if I have to spray paint over the black myself. To add to the insanity of our attempt, we are going to […]