What I Do For Fun {While I Work}

When I’m challenging myself to do something difficult, I try to make it as easy as possible. Early morning appointment with the kids? Sure, I prep every possible thing the night before. Tough night with the kids? Sandwiches for dinner. Need a little entertainment while I tackle a boring job like laundry folding or bathroom […]

Water Lalapalooza #2 (Yep, Number TWO)

Last week we were in Disney World. It was a much needed break for all of us and the kids were in heaven. (There is a story behind little man not matching in this photo, but I don’t want to go into gross details like that.) The night before we left for our Magical trip, […]

Why I JUST SAY NO to Red Ribbon Week Overwhelming Me

When the papers start coming home from school about all the Red Ribbon Week daily dress-up activities, I used to die a little inside with dread. I’d think, “How can I add one more thing when I already feel maxed out?!” A few years go, I let go of all that. After my 4th kid […]

The Funny Things I Found In My New House

MOVING IS SO FUN! – said no one ever. This part of Texas is a seller’s market right now, so some home sellers are stretching the bounds of common decency because they can get away with it. We looked at a half-million dollar home that had only been on the market for a few days and […]

New House BEFORE Pictures (Finally!)

We moved furniture into this house on Labor Day weekend. In celebration of a month living in our new house in Texas, I thought I’d share the pictures I took the day before the furniture arrived. I call these the “before” pictures. Of all the homes I looked at, I chose this house, so obviously […]

Water Lalapalooza 2016

I just told you earlier this week that I had lots of plans of things to get done this week, but I got a little sidetracked to say the least. I also wanted to write a blog post about choosing paint colors, because there are lots of walls around here full of paint sample blobs […]

I’m selling my house! See My Listing Photos …

A month ago I didn’t see this coming, but things were already in motion that would cause me to be MOVING IN TWO WEEKS!!! <Let’s pause a moment while I freak out.> Three weekends ago I travelled to our soon-to-be home state of Texas for some house-hunting. It was a whirlwind weekend in which I was […]

My New Parenting Catch-phrase {And A Tip}

Recently on my personal Facebook page, I posted a picture of this empty pool and then this – Matt and I are testing out a new parent catch-phrase lately: “You’ve been scienced!” Like when the kids didn’t believe putting one end of a hose in the pool and the other by the fruit trees/garden (trying to […]

Morning & Bath Time Grooming Baskets {This Is What I Do}

I have four kids and there are two kids’ bathrooms with baths. Yes, sometimes the little guy uses MY bathroom, but he is starting to transition to using the regular kids bathroom. I’m not going to pretend like 4 kids sharing two bathrooms is very hard … I think my kids live a pretty nice […]