The 2016 Love Home Challenge

I hope you’ve enjoyed the last 7 weeks of focusing on loving your home again! Let’s look at what we’ve done. During Week #1 we focused our attention on the Kitchen.   During Week #2 we found ways to make Bathrooms better.   During Week #3 we made changes to the Bedrooms in our homes.   During Week #4 we focused […]

Just For You – Love Home Challenge

Last week I challenged you to do something to your home for the sake of someone else. This is our last week of the Love Home Challenge, and I want to end doing a little something for ourselves. The lines blur for me because I love things being organized and beautiful, so whether I’m doing […]

To Help Someone Else – Love Home Challenge

This week’s focus is really fun! We are going to think of a project that helps someone else in our home! Part of Loving our Homes more is creating a good feeling in our homes. Showing kindness and thoughtfulness by example. Love will be felt this week, and that is a pretty good feeling. If […]

Functionality – Love Home Challenge

This is the 5th week of the Love Home Challenge. I hope you are already feeling better in your home, but we aren’t done yet! Let’s keep this party going. This week is all about Functionality. We will focus on adding or fixing functionality that will help you Love Your Home more. The best assignment options […]

Gathering Place – Love Home Challenge

I think when you decorate your home, you should ignore fads and trends for the most part. You know how everyone is making pure white houses right now, especially kitchens? No doubt I’ve seen some beautiful mostly-white homes, but I predict that soon people will start to crave a little warmth and color in their […]

Bedroom Week – Love Home Challenge

If I’ve failed to say it outright, let me fix that now: Your house is not going to look *just like you want it to* overnight. There are circumstances in which people gut and renovate an entire room and create their dream kitchen, spa-like master bathroom, or fill-in-the-blank-AMAZING-room in a short amount of time. These people usually are […]

Bathroom Week – Love Home Challenge

Bathrooms are an often overlooked room. We take them and the amount of time we spend in them for granted. Any room that you spend A LOT OF TIME in should look and feel good to you. You deserve to feel good in your home. Your family deserves to feel good in your home. Simple […]

Water Lalapalooza 2016

I just told you earlier this week that I had lots of plans of things to get done this week, but I got a little sidetracked to say the least. I also wanted to write a blog post about choosing paint colors, because there are lots of walls around here full of paint sample blobs […]

Kitchen Week – Love Home Challenge

You may be in denial, but the truth is clear: How a room looks has a large impact on how we feel in that room and in how well we function in that room. During the Declutter challenge, a comment I get several times during the Kitchen Week is some version of “It feels so good in […]