Spring Cleaning Challenge: Week 3 (Habits & Routines)

Keeping a clean home does not have to be a terrible experience! With the right Routines and Habits, you can keep your home clean on auto-pilot. It takes work getting the habits to stick, but it is sooo worth it! Make these changes one task, one day at a time. Week 2 Assignments Use this […]

Spring Cleaning Challenge: WEEK 2

We’re already on Week 2 of the Spring Cleaning Challenge! We’re still focusing on Deep Cleaning this week. When we focus on Habits and Routines next week, you’ll be so glad to start with a clean house.  Get the Kids Involved! You are not in this alone. Kids should not only help maintain the house […]

How To Clean the Return Air Grill

A question people asked a lot last year during Spring Cleaning when they saw the checklist: what is the Return Air Grill? So let’s start by answering that. If you have heating and air conditioning, air is sucked INTO some vents and OUT of some vents. Most of the vents around the house are just […]

Spring Cleaning Challenge: WEEK 1

Welcome to Week 1 of the Spring Cleaning Challenge! Are you excited to start cleaning this week?! I know I am, but even people who hate cleaning still need to do it! (Truth is hard.) Reward Yourself If you dread the cleaning, make it easy on yourself. Set yourself up for success and plan a […]

Spring Cleaning MUST HAVES

  Are you Spring Cleaning? Make sure you have everything you need to make cleaning as easy as possible. Here is the list of all the cleaning must-haves!  Basic Cleaning Sprays Basic H2 – This is a concentrate I’ve used for more than 6 years, before I ever started blogging. I started using it because […]

2017 Spring Cleaning Challenge

Introducing the 2017 Spring Cleaning Challenge!  Last year, the whole focus was on creating a good maintenance plan, so that the deep cleaning can happen year round. While I still want to help you set up good habits and routines by the end of this challenge, this year I want to focus on doing a […]

Week #5: Reset Clean Routine {Spring Cleaning Challenge 2016}

Four weeks of preparation leads us to this week. You are ready. You’ve Deep Cleaned, you’ve jump-started your Maintenance Plan, you’ve started a Laundry Routine, and you’ve planned the Cleaning Routine you are about to start. So now is the time. Keep Your House Clean without Stress. Follow a Clean Routine. As a reminder – […]

Week #4: Maintenance Jump-Start {Spring Cleaning Challenge 2016}

This is the Week 4 of the Spring Cleaning Challenge and it is time to Jump-Start Maintenance. Are you so excited?! If you missed it, the last 3 weeks we’ve focused on Deep Cleaning. You should be feeling good about a lot of those miscellaneous tasks it is so easy to put off like window cleaning […]

Week #3 of Deep Cleaning {Spring Cleaning Challenge 2016}

I expected to do a few tutorials last week on the blog to help you with your Spring Cleaning, but when I was unexpectedly stranded in Houston because my travel home from a conference was affected by the terrible weather they are experiencing there, my plans changed. I am home now and feeling blessed to […]

Week #2 of Deep Cleaning {Spring Cleaning Challenge 2016}

This is the Week 2 of the Deep Cleaning phase of the Spring Cleaning Challenge. If you missed it, last week was Week 1 of Deep Cleaning. The Spring Cleaning Challenge is 5 weeks long: Weeks 1-3 we will do Deep Cleaning, Week 4 we will Jump-Start Maintenance Cleaning, and Week 5 we will Reset our Cleaning Routines. […]