The Wrap: Summer Organizing Challenge {FREE PRINTABLE}

It is hard to believe that five weeks has already gone by and that summer itself is flying by. I’ve really enjoyed these 5 weeks of projects, and from what I hear – so have you. We’ve definitely tackled some problem areas  and even had a little fun. Let’s review – Week #1 – 68 […]

68 Simple Places To Organize {Week #1 of the Summer Organizing Challenge}

Welcome to the Summer Organizing Challenge! Before we get started, you may want to consider purchasing the Summer Organizing Challenge Printable: It has all the information from today’s blog post displayed in worksheet format! Also, see the next 4 weeks of challenges early! What lies ahead?! It’s different every week! Get all the bonus help […]

Introducing The Summer Organizing Challenge

This year I am guiding you through Loving Your Home Again. We started in January with the big 91 Day Declutter Challenge, then next was the Spring Cleaning Challenge in April, and Garage Week in May. Now you are ready to start putting things where they go and creating manageable systems in your home. You […]

How to Organize {Detailed Guide}

Learning the organizing process means taking the big overwhelming task of organizing a space and breaking it down into achievable small parts. It doesn’t matter if organizing comes naturally, you can learn the skills and practice one junk drawer at a time. 6 Steps of Organizing Step 1 – Declutter If you try to organize without […]