Video Tour of Arkansas Home {And Amazon!!!!!!}

A few weekends ago I was in Arkansas and spontaneously made a Facebook LIVE video of the house we just left. It is terrifying to make a video in general, but a live video … I have to really throw all my inhibitions away! If you ever saw the separate tours of that house and wondered […]

Look at me! (Or don’t!!!) – New Bio Pics

I’m still in the middle of the craziest move of my life … you know the kind where one day you are making long-term plans and the next you are suddenly selling your house!! I have so much to tell you about staging a home and organizing a move, but I’ve realized that I can […]


Remember the contest for Mom’s messiest room makeover? This past weekend I traveled to the winner’s home to give her garage some organizing love. I admit to feeling a little outside my comfort zone to take two flights to a place I’ve never been to organize a garage I’ve never seen with people I’ve never met. […]

Semi-DIY Garage Mud Bench Area

I’ve got a friend who is pretty fun. She is a busy mom of four, but still makes time for my “I have a crazy idea” phone calls. Like recently, the Big Bear Shelving company, maker of garage organizational systems and heavy duty shelving units, sent me an email asking me if I’d like to try out […]

Vote for the winning messy room!!

Last week I shared the exciting news that Alliance Rubber is sending me to one lucky winner’s house to help them clean a messy room. It is not too late to enter! You have until the end of May to post a picture. I was just checking out the entries so far and noticed an […]

I want to clean YOUR messy room!!

What is the messiest room in your house? Would you be willing to let me come and organize it for you? Alliance Rubber wants to make that happen for one lucky mom anywhere in the US! They are hosting a giveaway. I will fly anywhere in the US and help the winner organize their messy […]

Shaklee Products You NEED Right Now! :)

Many of you know that my Shaklee business is my blog’s #1 sponsor. Thank you to all of my readers who have tried some products I’ve recommended. I can not tell you enough what your support means to me!! I love the chance I have to tell people about this stuff! My household uses pretty […]

It all started with cleaning my sink …

Once upon a time last February, I cleaned my kitchen sink. It had gotten really bad and I hadn’t cleaned it in a long time. When I went to clean it, I thought, “hey, let’s record this and put it on the blog”. I had no idea all the events that would be set in […]

My Shaklee Business Update

Since I wrote about What I Do All Day last fall, which included an update about my Shaklee business and my promotion to a Shaklee Director, I thought I would make it a point to give an update every once in a while about how things are going. This picture above is of Leah, one of […]

Make Time Matter! {Productivity How To}

Whether you work at home or in an office, we all work. Sometimes we have to fit our work in between this and that, but sometimes we can carve out a bit of time. What do you do when you’ve got 2 hours to get stuff done. If you’re like many people, you spin your […]