When In Doubt, Get Rid Of It

This post was originally posted on February 12th, 2013, but it is worth a read as you prepare for the next 91 Day Declutter Challenge. While I take a minute to share an organizing thought, my 3 week old baby is sleeping peacefully next to me. I love hearing his little sleeping sounds. The last […]

Big Change Requires Big Effort

If you’ve read very much on my blog, you know that I am all about a balanced approach to keeping up your home. A little here, a little there, and it really does add up. This realistic, more balanced approach is the key to maintenance. But what if you don’t want to just maintain? What […]

Spring Mini De-Clutter: Get Rid of NICE THINGS!!

Today is the final day of our Spring edition of the Mini De-Clutter Challenge: 60 things in 6 days. It is so awesome to read and see the pictures of people participating in our Facebook Group. I feel so inspired!! I’ve been slowly working on gutting and organizing my guest/craft room over the last few […]

Mini De-Clutter Challenge (Spring Edition)! One Week & 60 Items.

Our last Mini De-Clutter Challenge was such a huge success that we are going for it again!! Regular De-Cluttering is the best offense against a messy and disorganized house. I’m going to show you that by doing just a little bit each day, you can have amazing results!! This week’s challenge is a simple one. […]

Some Casualties Are Okay.

Have you ever seen a baby, with his hands full of sippy cups and stuffed animals, try to pick up something else without letting anything go? I get to watch this scene unfold several times a day with my 12-month-old. It is adorable to see in a sweet and clumsy new toddler, but not so […]

What A Week! – The Mini De-Clutter Challenge Wrap-Up

I’m so excited to report to you the major success last week! In case you are new, last week we did a Mini De-Clutter Challenge. You can read more about that HERE. I think the biggest indicator of success for our first Mini De-Clutter Challenge was how people have been begging to do it again […]

Mini De-Clutter Challenge! One Week & 60 Items.

I want to teach you a little trick to beating the winter blue’s. In fact, this trick works year-round to fend off stress and the heavy weight of sadness. What is my trick? De-Cluttering!! I want to show you that even just a little de-cluttering a day goes a very long way. It takes a weight […]

Let Go Of {unused & unwanted} Holiday Items This Season

Have you ever experienced something like this? At the start of a holiday, you pull out your seasonal decorations.  You examine them, you are happy to see some favorites emerge. Then you look at some of it and wonder – “What was I thinking” or “That doesn’t really fit anymore” or “Do you think so-and-so […]

De-Cluttering: What Has It Meant To You?

********Visit the most recent 2016 Declutter Challenge!******** I’ve told you before that this whole 91 Day De-Clutter Challenge was born from my idea to do a blog series on something that I wanted and needed to do for my own home and family. After a 9 months of pregnancy and 9 months of a new […]