6 Daily Habits to Keep A Clean Home

I have 6 Daily Habits that will Keep Your Home Clean. The good thing about this list is that these aren’t hard or time consuming. I have a lot of other things I want to do with my time besides clean – how about you? These habits will make the biggest difference in making your home feel […]

Household Management Checklist – The HH List

This is the Printable that is my biggest secret for keeping my home maintained year-round. Read: The Art of Maintenance Living (and NOT Playing Catch-up All.The.Time!)  Of course, having a handy Household Checklist doesn’t do much unless you have a plan on how to use it regularly. The plan is to make it a part of […]

My Garage Cleanup: [How to] Maintain an Organized Garage

Garages are works in progress. About three times a year, I give my garage a good tidy. Each time I do this, I try to focus on improving something. When you’ve got a good organizing foundation, everything else is just a little tweak. Getting into maintenance mode is a bit more work at the start, […]

Home Management (The Love Home Challenge: Week 5)

Welcome back to another  week of The Love Home Challenge and the first day of June! I’m already feeling the benefits of my work in the previous weeks. My family is noticing a difference too. My girls are so sweet to give me lots more ideas for projects. I love seeing homemaking talents blossom in them. Homemaking […]

My New Love/Obsession: Arc Notebooks!!!

Just to be clear, I am not being paid or compensated for this in any way. This is something just too fun not to share!! I have a new love affair and I just want to tell the world. A few organizing friends of mine are always talking about their arc books or their discbound […]

Tips To Make Laundry Easy

Laundry is super easy, right? Right?! Okay, maybe not. BUT, there are a few ways to make it bearable and almost-easy. First, I’m just going to say, unless you just want to hire out your laundry, there is no method of getting the laundry clean and put away without going through the steps of cleaning […]

Maintain Clean Kid Rooms: 4 Basic Strategies

This post seemed like a no-brainer follow-up to so many readers cleaning out their kids rooms these past few weeks in our de-clutter challenge. Now that you have a clean slate, it only makes sense to start good maintenance habits with your children now. First things first, kids need a clear definition of what is […]