2016 Holiday Guide {FREE PRINTABLE}

It’s THAT time of year again. The time we should see a mile away, thanks to the Christmas stuff that has been in the stores for more than a month now, but somehow it sneaks up on us anyway. Over the weekend, I mentioned to Matt that I was working on the 2016 Holiday Guide […]

Fall In Love With Your Home Again In 2016

I’m ringing in the New Year watching Sound of Music and eating Snickerdoodles with my family – pretty much the perfect New Year’s Eve celebration for me this year. I am so ready for 2016! This is going to be a great year for Mary ORGANIZES and you too while you follow along. My goal for […]

Why Plan?

Why plan? Because planning creates a path to big changes and big successes. Winging it is a strategy that has its time and place to shine, but planning is a good idea most of the time. Can you imagine going in for a haircut and telling your stylist to start chopping and go wherever the […]

2014: The Year of Results (& Sleep)

My New Year’s Resolutions are simple this year. I’ve chosen One Word to give me direction and One Guiding Goal. One Word: To be honest, my “one word” was going to be training, because I feel like I have so much I want to learn this year. I was discussing this with a friend and […]

Tomorrow I’ll Be Perfect

It is 8:20 pm on New Year’s Eve. My kids are playing Just Dance on the Wii and I’m sitting down to try to write what has been on my mind leading up to New Year’s this year. I think goals are really important, like super important, because they set our direction. If you don’t know […]

Fresh Start Habits

A few days ago while I was at my desk (writing my New Year’s post Are You An Anti-Resolutionist?), my five-year old was nearby at the kitchen sink. She asked if she could do the dishes. While I was writing, she put away all the dirty dishes back into drawers and cabinets … still dirty. […]

Are You An Anti-Resolutionist?

What is your take on New Year’s resolutions? I know so many people who are anti-resolutions, and I think I can guess a few reasons.  First of all, most of us end each year utterly exhausted. The span of holidays and magical-memory-making takes its toll on us and we are left at the new year […]

Top Seven Posts of 2012

{I hope your family had a wonderful Christmas yesterday! If things are going according to my plan when I scheduled this post in advance, I will have taken down my Christmas decorations today. I like to ring in my New Year with my house all ready for a new year. This one of the few […]