Container Hydrangeas

Admittedly, when I planted Hydrangeas in the containers on my porch back at the beginning of summer, I had no idea if they would live or die. I even kept the plastic containers and receipts in the garage in case I had to return them to the store (the store worker assured me they were […]

My Back Patio Update: Organize & Decorate

Earlier this week I showed you my simple Front Porch Update. I like simple updates. When you make several simple updates at once, it somehow creates a whole new feel. While working on updating our back patio, I wrote a list of simple independent updates I could do one at a time, because finding a […]

My Front Porch Update

After the landscape was finished (see about that HERE), the old porch furniture just seemed to be out of place. I mean, kind of faded and sad. I didn’t have a big budget for this, only $100. The flowers pushed me a little over, but I got pretty close to my budget goal. When I […]