Morning & Bath Time Grooming Baskets {This Is What I Do}

I have four kids and there are two kids’ bathrooms with baths. Yes, sometimes the little guy uses MY bathroom, but he is starting to transition to using the regular kids bathroom. I’m not going to pretend like 4 kids sharing two bathrooms is very hard … I think my kids live a pretty nice […]

Kids Chores and Routines Checklists

You might remember me mentioning in my post about our Quarter Jar Reward System that I have some wonderfully normal children. Beautiful, smart, clever, and amazingly normal when it comes to needing reminders and help to do what they are supposed to do. For a while I felt like I needed to record my voice after […]

Super Tidy!

The Super Tidy! I’ve been mentioning the Super Tidy all over the place, but I’ve never formally introduced the powerful, clutter and mess fighting Super Tidy. The idea started a while ago when I started writing “tidy up for 10 minutes – put things away” on my daily planning sheet. I would write it at […]

The Keeping House Mini-Challenge

Keeping House is easy … said no one ever. If you took the time to write out every little thing you do that keeps your home running, your hand would start hurting. Last November, my husband and I went on a 10 day anniversary trip. My mom generously took over my responsibilities for me while […]