Tutorial: Easy Pillow Covers

Pretty tablecloths are an indulgence of mine. When I saw this tablecloth at Target, I knew just what I wanted to do: turn this tablecloth into Christmas Pillow Covers. Tablecloths are a very affordable way to get a whole bunch of festive fabric! And I knew just who I wanted to do it with – […]

Easy Statement Art: Framed Fabric

Another title for this blog post might be IKEA frame + leftover fabric = Super Cheap and Easy Statement Art. The idea and plans for the new art above my fireplace mantel have been swirling in my head for a long time, and this weekend I finally made it happen. It was actually really easy. This is […]

Quilted Sunrise

I love sunrises. I’m not a morning person (yet) at all and very rarely see the real thing, so I love finding things that remind me of sunrises. I especially love the sun rising behind hills and mountains. It is the inspiration for the color palette of my entire home. And it is why I […]

Piano Book Wall Organizer

My husband and I have an agreement that I squint when I look at his desk area. He keeps it orderly most of the time, but not all the time. It isn’t all his fault, though, because the kids pile their stuff on his desk all the time. After a bit of time paying attention to […]

How To Sew EASY {Black-Out} Curtains

While I’ve been in my kids’ rooms this week, I got side-tracked on a little project. Curtains in my kids’ rooms. Why not do a little decorating while I de-clutter? As you’ll see from these pictures, on this day the nursery room was a mess. Surprise! I had no idea my kids had “set off a […]

How To Sew A Nursing Cover Strap

Sewing these straps was so easy. No measuring, and I got all three done during one of little Cougar’s cat naps. All I needed was — fabric curtain ring clips (this package was on clearance for $3) scissors pins sewing machine First, start with creating a fabric strip. I didn’t measure length, I just pulled […]

Easy Microfiber Cloths

There was an overwhelming response to my Tip: A Washcloth (or more) a day Keeps Bacteria Away. There were 2 groups of people who responded to that post, those who were doing something similar already and those who were excited to try it my way. So basically, I figured everyone who enjoyed that post would enjoy knowing an […]

My Table Decor With Easy Tuturial

Although I am a fan of empty space and clear surfaces, my empty table-top has been bothering me lately. I blame it entirely on my husband, Matt. See, the problem is, Matt is known for buying me beautiful flowers on a somewhat regular basis. His flower-buying habit does pretty good things for our marriage, but it makes the emptiness […]

Window Treatments In The Works

If you’re going to organize a room, why not make it pretty too? I like decorating. It feels like art to me, creating a mood and a look with arrangement, colors, and textures. Window treatments play an important role in the overall feel of any room. At first I had reservations about covering the pretty […]