Week #4: Maintenance Jump-Start {Spring Cleaning Challenge 2016}

This is the Week 4 of the Spring Cleaning Challenge and it is time to Jump-Start Maintenance. Are you so excited?! If you missed it, the last 3 weeks we’ve focused on Deep Cleaning. You should be feeling good about a lot of those miscellaneous tasks it is so easy to put off like window cleaning […]

Week #3 of Deep Cleaning {Spring Cleaning Challenge 2016}

I expected to do a few tutorials last week on the blog to help you with your Spring Cleaning, but when I was unexpectedly stranded in Houston because my travel home from a conference was affected by the terrible weather they are experiencing there, my plans changed. I am home now and feeling blessed to […]

Week #2 of Deep Cleaning {Spring Cleaning Challenge 2016}

This is the Week 2 of the Deep Cleaning phase of the Spring Cleaning Challenge. If you missed it, last week was Week 1 of Deep Cleaning. The Spring Cleaning Challenge is 5 weeks long: Weeks 1-3 we will do Deep Cleaning, Week 4 we will Jump-Start Maintenance Cleaning, and Week 5 we will Reset our Cleaning Routines. […]

Week #1 of Deep Cleaning {Spring Cleaning Challenge 2016}

Spring Cleaning fulfills a basic human urge to wash away the layers of winter and search for the fresh new Spring underneath. Spring Cleaning is a chance to feel a Fresh Start in our homes and we should take it. Since it feels so natural to clean in the Spring anyway, let’s use that feeling […]

Spring Cleaning Challenge Starts Monday!

The best way to prepare yourself for a successful Spring Cleaning Challenge is to have a great weekend. Relax, enjoy your family and friends, take a nap, and give yourself some rest. This way you’ll start Monday with a little more spring in your step! Now, before you start your weekend of rest, it is […]

2016 Spring Cleaning Challenge

This challenge has become so much more than I expected before I put it together. I feel confident that you will get so much more out of this than just deep cleaning. You will feel ready to maintain your home throughout the year and reset your weekly Cleaning Routine. I’ve shared many of these different ideas over […]

Dreaming-of-Spring Cleaning!!

Get caught up with our Spring Cleaning plans HERE. Now is the time to start getting things done!! Instead of assigning you specific days to do each of these things, I’m going to instead explain how you can figure out when to get these things done at a time that works for you. How to plan […]

Year Round Deep Cleaning: Dreaming-of-Spring Edition

Last Year on the blog we did a big Spring Cleaning challenge. I think one of the things that helps me find good strategies for organizing, is when something doesn’t work, I admit it to myself and try again. The way I structured last year’s challenge just didn’t fit with my preferred approach to spring […]

Dreaming-of-Spring Cleaning Challenge WRAP-UP

Today is the last day of the Spring Cleaning Challenge!! How are you doing?! Did you get your spring cleaning done? Be sure to tell me how it went in the comments and brag about all of your progress! If you started, but didn’t finish, good job! You are already ahead of so many people […]